Featured Product: Pura KiKi Stainless Steel Water Bottles

USA Baby & Big Kids Too! is excited to carry Pura KiKi Stainless Steel Bottles for babies, toddlers and big kids too! At last a baby bottle that can carry your child into elementary school. No need to spend hundreds of dollars filling your cabinet with bottles and sippy cups only to discover that your child doesn’t like any of them! Now you can purchase one bottle that can be customized to your child’s needs now and can grow with them over the years and through a variety of stages and preferences.

Pura Water Bottles

Built for Moms

Though safety standards are rigorous, mom standards might even be higher! Thankfully Pura KiKi bottles are the only non-toxic certified bottles on the global market today. They’re 100% free of BPA/BPS, phthalates, lead and PVD and are the only 100% plastic-free feeding solution available. They’re much safer than even BPA-free plastic that can leach chemicals under certain conditions.

Built for Kids

Made of unbreakable stainless steel, Pura KiKi bottles don’t break like glass bottles. So no matter how many bounces across the kitchen floor or concrete your bottle takes, it will stay around for years to come.

Built to Customize

Pura KiKi bottles are compatible with all major manufacturers of bottle nipples, so you can find the one your baby likes best without spending hundreds of dollars on completely new bottles until you find the right one. It’s compatible with the following spouts and nipples:

- Avent Sport Spout

- ThinkBaby Nipples

- Born Free Nipples

- Dr. Brown’s Wide Neck Nipples

- Pura Vented Nipple (slow, medium, and fast flow available)

- Pura Silicone Sip Spout

- MAM Nipples

- Pigeon Silicone Nipples

- UPIS Nipples

Built to Evolve

The Pura KiKi can first be used as a baby bottle and then converts to a sippy cup, straw cup and sport bottle cap using Pura silicone lids that are compatible with all the Pura bottles. So you can just buy one or two bottles that will take you from baby to elementary school.

Built to Perform

The insulated version keeps liquids hot or cold for up to 8 hours. Plus it has an easy to clean wide mouth; you can clean painted bottles with a standard bottle brush, or wash unpainted bottles and silicone components in the top rack in the dishwasher.

How it’s Built

The Pura KiKi bottles are available in insulated or single wall options and all feature raised ounce numbers on the inside of the bottle for easy measuring and monitoring of intake. Each bottle also comes with a silicone nipple/spout travel cover and silicone sleeves are available for purchase to further customize each bottle.

Stop by USA Baby & Big Kids Too! to take a closer look at the Pura KiKi steel water bottles and see how they can be a great addition to your diaper bag!

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