Featured Product: 4moms Magnetic Magic High Chair

If you’ve ever tried to wrangle a child covered in food while one-handedly attempting to remove a high chair tray also covered in food, then you know the need for a “magic” high chair. Enter the 4moms Magnetic High Chair, a high chair created with the real needs of real moms in mind!


The 4moms Magnetic High Chair is unique in that magnetic latches allow you to easily attach the tray to the seat, so it truly is a one-handed maneuver! Plus, the magnetic tray top itself is also magnetic, so 4moms magnetic plates and bowls stay in place so food stays where it was placed, and not in your floor. One bowl is even included with the high chair and others are available for separate purchase.

Here are more great features of the 4moms High Chair:

- The magnetic tray adjusts to 3 different positions so it can adjust easily as your child grows and also adjust for different children. There are 2 different strap positions as well.

- The removable tray liner is removable so it’s easy to clean in your sink or dishwasher.

- The easy-to-clean, removable foam seat insert is one piece so food pieces don’t have any grooves to fall into and stay forever!

- The high chair adjusts in height to 3 positions in case you’re wanting to place it at a table or raise or lower it for easier feeding.

- At only 22” wide x 28” long x 38” high, the high chair has a small footprint so it’s great for smaller kitchen.

- It comes in the following color combinations white/gray, white/green and black/gray so it’s sure to match your kitchen décor and seamlessly tie in with the other colors in your home.

- Featuring a 1 year warranty, 4moms ensures you won’t have any problems with what is sure to be your new favorite baby necessity!

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