Featured Product: Britax Clicktight Car Seats

71JdvY1RcsL._SY355_If you’ve ever broken a sweat installing a car seat, then Britax ClickTight was made for you! If you’ve ever wondered if you installed it correctly after you were done, then Britax ClickTight is for you, too! Both of these scenarios probably apply to most of us as installing convertible car seats – especially for first-timers – can be an exhausting and overwhelming experience. Because of this, Britax created the ClickTight system. If you can buckle a seatbelt, then you can install the Britax ClickTight easily and correctly!

Some studies have shown that 3 out of 4 car seats aren’t installed properly, leaving kids in dangerously vulnerable situations if a crash were to occur. LATCH installation was created to be safer and easier than the normal seatbelt installation, but LATCH weight limits (60 pounds or more for rear-facing and 65 pounds or more for forward-facing including the weight of the car seat itself) mean that eventually all kids will need their car seats restrained with a seatbelt which can be tricky to get right for even the most experienced installer.

Britax’s ClickTight Tensioning Mechanism – an all-steel tubing lining that joins with the steel frame – both tensions and locks the seat belt during installation so that the seat is secured correctly and safely each time. To install, just turn the ClickTight Key, thread and connect the vehicle seatbelt and click it closed. There’s no more climbing, straddling or sweating to ensure that the belt is tight enough or in the proper position and the mechanism works the same for both rear and forward facing positions.

The Britax ClickTight system is available on your favorite Britax car seat models like the Marathon, Advocate and Boulevard, all of which boast the ability to carry up to 40 pounds rear-facing and up to 65 pounds forward facing.

If you’re a veteran car seat installer whose kids’ car seats stay in one car and are rarely moved around, then this feature may seem like a luxury. But if your kids’ seats are often being changed out between vehicles by friends and grandparents who may not be at all familiar with proper car seat safety, then the Britax ClickTight is a NECESSITY!

Stop by USA Baby in Franklin to check out our Britax models in person and learn more about how they can keep your kids are safe as possible!

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