The Risks of Co-Sleeping

The concept of “co-sleeping” may be confusing to a new parent as various experts seem to both recommend it and cite its risks all at the same time. To be clear, co-sleeping occurs when a parent and child are within a “sensory” distance of each other and can tell each is near by touch, sign and smell. There are two ways to co-sleep: room-sharing and bed-sharing.

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends room-sharing, which is thought to lower the risk of SIDS, but strongly warns against bed-sharing, which is the most common cause of death in babies, especially those younger than three months of age. According to the AAP, bed-sharing increases the risks of suffocation (by things like blankets or pillows), strangulation and SIDS. In addition, babies sharing a bed with an adult can easily become overheated from extra body heat and adult bedding.

So in order to experience the benefits of co-sleeping without the associated dangers of bed-sharing, consider placing your baby in a bassinet located near your bed. USA Baby in Franklin carries several options worth considering:

Babyhome Air Bassinet

At a light 13 pounds, the air bassinet is a versatile sleeping space for your new baby. It has a mesh window that allows for easier side views of your baby and for better ventilation. The bottom of the air bassinet offers three positions: wheels, rocker and stationary. It is available in a variety of gender-neutral color options to match your nursery and/or home décor and comes with a breathable pad, transport bag and mattress. Unfolded it measures 33” long x 21” wide x 29” high.


HALO Bassinest Swivel Sleeper

This bassinet takes co-sleeping to a whole new level! Your baby can get as close to you as possible while still having his or her own space, making it easy for you to tend to needs while still keeping your baby safe. Your baby is visible at eye level and has mesh walls for breathability and circulation. The side wall closest to the bed also lowers, which is a great feature for moms healing from C-sections. It also rotates a full 360-degrees to allow mom to get out of bed easier without disturbing a sleeping baby.

Screen Shot 2015-06-18 at 8.26.22 PM

Britax B-Ready Stroller Bassinet

If you need a bassinet for home and on the go, try the Britax B-Ready Stroller Bassinet. It features a large canopy and a removable bassinet cover for easy cleaning that works with the Britax B-Ready and B-Scene Strollers.

Screen Shot 2015-06-18 at 8.27.18 PM

Stop by USA Baby & Big Kids Too! in Franklin to learn more about these co-sleepers and bassinets and how they can benefit you and your baby!

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