Featured Product: Geleeo Self-Cooling Stroller Liner

Summer temperatures are here to stay and highs in the 90s certainly aren’t rare in our area for July and August! If you’ve ever had a baby or toddler in a stroller for long periods of time in the summer, you know how hot and sweaty that can quickly become, especially when they’re trying to snooze. Fans, water bottle spritzers and ice packs can sometimes be helpful but are often just short-term solutions for keeping cool. So what if there was a way to keep your child cool that didn’t rely on batteries or ice packs? Thankfully there is! USA Baby and Big Kids Too in Franklin is pleased to carry Geleeo, the first and only self-cooling stroller liner!


Geleeo stays cool because of its proprietary hydrogel that provides a constant, gentle and soothing cooling sensation so toddlers stay comfortable in their strollers. The hydrogel requires no prior refrigeration or freezing and yet stays cooler than the room temperature. And unlike ice packs that could be too cold and uncomfortable for your child, Geleeo stays just a few degrees cooler than room temperature so it’s comfortable for long periods of time.

Plus Geleeo is safe! The liner and its contents are made with materials that are compliant with both U.S. and European safety standards. And even if should the stroller pad should rupture under improper use, the pad won’t leak so there’s no risk to your child!

The Geleeo features a universal fit so it should fit inside your stroller, no matter the brand. Plus there’s no need to wash it and the liner is made of waterproof fabric that wipes down easily. And no matter what you’re trying to match – your stroller or your child – the Geleeo’s got that covered too! It is available in pink and blue that reverses to a gender-neutral gray.

If you’re interested in testing out the Geleeo to see if it could help keep your child more comfortable outside this summer, stop by USA Baby and Big Kids Too in Franklin!

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