The Importance of Picking the Right Crib Mattress

baby crib mattressMany times we as new parents can spend more time picking out the crib and crib bedding that we do the actual crib mattress, which is actually one of the most important things we will buy for our new baby. There are two main reasons why picking the right crib mattress is of the utmost importance: safety and development. We’ll examine both of these more in-depth below:


According to (the website of the First Candle SIDS Alliance), there are more than 4,500 sudden infant deaths every year and as many as 80-90% are from “unsafe sleep practices.” Because of this, they recommend that babies should sleep in a separate space – on a firm mattress with only a fitted sheet covering it. Many times, parents will place the baby near them at night in order to respond to their needs quickly but will put them in a bouncy seat or cradle that could be unsafe. The Consumer Product Safety Commission warns against this saying, “Never place infants to sleep on air mattresses or other soft surfaces (such as water beds and adult beds), which are not specifically designed or safe for infant use."

In addition, mattresses should be the proper size to avoid suffocation or entrapment issues between the mattress and crib. All crib mattresses should be at least 27.25” x 51.625” and no more than 6” thick and you should be able to fit no more than two fingers between the crib frame and the mattress.


Babies spend a lot of time sleeping – up to 70% of his or her time within the first year of life and up to 50% of his or her time in later toddler years. And whereas adults choose mattresses based on comfort, for infants the crib mattress is what Colgate, one of the top producers of infant crib mattresses, calls their “growth and development center.” Plus when babies become more active, they need a firm mattress to help them learn to push up, roll and stand in their crib. Colgate likens the difference to an adult trying to walk on a hardwood floor versus a waterbed.

So what does all this mean? It means that choosing the right crib mattress is crucial to your child’s safety and development! USA Baby has done the research and has brought some of the best mattress options to our store- Colgate and Naturpedic. Give us a call or stop by USA Baby today for a demonstration from one of our mattress experts.

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