Tips on Creating the Perfect Baby Book

If you’ve got a baby on the way, a baby book is probably on your list of things to do! We carry some adorable books in our store and have put together all the tips you’ll ever need to create the perfect baby book that will be treasured for years to come!


- Plan ahead and buy ahead. If you wait until after your baby is born to purchase and begin putting together a baby book, you may feel overwhelmed and be tempted to quit altogether. By purchasing a book early, you’ll be able to do a little at a time so that it’s a fun project instead of a dreaded one. USA Baby in Franklin offers several different kinds of baby books so you’re sure to find what you’re looking for here!

- Go back in time. Remember that this book will one day be passed down to your child, so include information and photos from before they were born, too. Photos from your wedding and times before kids arrive will be treasured, as well as photos, mementos and stories from when you found out you were pregnant and shared the excitement with others.


- Ask others to share. Get your spouse to give their perspective on finding out you were pregnant, the child’s gender, the trip to the hospital, etc. Oftentimes others remember details that you don’t and those memories will be greatly enjoyed down the road.

- Jot down notes and milestones along the way. There are things you think you’ll never forget but then you do! There are multiple smartphone apps for you to note important milestones so plug them in there and then transfer to your baby book. If you plan to take monthly photos of your baby to document their growth, write their age, likes, dislikes and milestones on a chalkboard or whiteboard in the actual photo.


- Be yourself. If you enjoy writing, write stories in your baby book. If you prefer to let photographs tell the story, include plenty of pictures. This book should be a reflection of you! If you try to make it something that you’re not, you’ll end up frustrated and be tempted to give up entirely.

- Remember that something is better than nothing. Your child’s baby book should be fun! If the thought of making a “perfect” baby book is too much pressure for you, just know that even a few notes here and there throughout your child’s life will be appreciated and treasured! Enjoy the process and you’ll end up with a book that is perfect for you.


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