ErgoBaby 360 Carrier

If you’ve loved the idea of the Ergo and how it seems to effortlessly support baby’s weight but have been frustrated that your baby wouldn’t be able to face outward, the ErgoBaby 360 is for you! With four positions – facing inward, facing outward, hip and back – you’ll only need one carrier to take your baby from birth to age 3! Here’s why we love the ErgoBaby 360 Carrier:

- The ErgoBaby 360 offers a structured bucket seat that ensures your baby will be correctly positioned – with knees even with or above their hips and their spine curved properly – in all four positions. You can use the buttons on the bucket seat to adjust the width of the seat to the child’s weight and position.

- The wide velcro waistband can be worn high on your waist above your hips or lower with more support on your hips. The waistband provides extra support for your back unlike other carriers that put most of the weight in your upper back, causing discomfort after just a short period of time.

- When your baby faces outward, the adjustable back panel can be rolled down but when facing your baby inward, you can keep it up for extra head or neck support. There is also a sleeping hood attached for sun protection and privacy if you choose to nurse with baby in the Ergo.

ergobaby 360 carrier

- The padded shoulder straps of the ErgoBaby 360 work with the waistband to distribute your baby’s weight evenly so your shoulders won’t take on any strain.

- Switch between the front and inward carry positions even with the carrier on as long as you support the baby while you change the bucket seat buttons.

- It is machine washable and 100% cotton.

- With the newborn insert (purchased separately), you can carry your baby from day one as long as they are more than 7 lbs. In the inward position, you can carry a baby up to 2 years and 27 lbs; in the outward facing position, up to 1 year and 22 lbs; on the hip, up to 2 years and up to 27 lbs; on the back, up to 3 years and 33 lbs.

- You’ll find great instructional videos on the ErgoBaby website that show how to use your carrier in each position.

USA Baby carries the ErgoBaby 360 in multiple colors, so stop by today to pick out the perfect one for you and your baby!

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