Halloween Tips for Baby and Toddler

Halloween is Friday and if you’re the parent of an older child, you’ve probably been hearing about their costume ideas for weeks or possibly even months! But if you’re the parent of a baby or toddler, Halloween may be sneaking up on you and you may be wondering how to celebrate the occasion in an age-appropriate way for your child. We’ve got some great “do”s and “don’t”s for you to make sure that Halloween is fun and safe for you and your baby or toddler:

- DO dress them in a costume that is safe. If they aren’t yet walking, put them in a wagon or stroller; you can even incorporate their mode of transportation into their costume if you wish. If they can walk, make sure that they have on sturdy shoes and that there is nothing on their costume that could trip them.

- DON’T go overboard on the costume. There’s always a chance that your child could refuse to wear the costume or may be irritated by anything overly complicated to assemble. So keep it simple… your child will be cute in anything he or she wears!

- DO address fire safety. If your child is old enough to understand, teach them about staying away from any candles that you may see during trick-or-treating. Regardless of their age, be sure that their costume is fire-resistant and doesn’t have anything billowy or long that could catch fire easily.

- DON’T use masks that could make it hard for them to see and be careful of using make-up – especially if your baby or toddler is prone to sensitive skin.

- DO look for alternative Halloween celebrations at places like malls, churches and community centers. These celebrations may be more family-friendly for small kids than traditional trick-or-treating and usually take place indoors or during the daytime hours.

- DON’T allow them to eat hard candy as it can easily become lodged in their small throats. Instead, offer them easy-to-chew pieces of candy or just avoid the candy altogether and offer them healthy treats once you get back home. (If they don’t have older siblings they won’t even know what they’re missing!)

- DO keep them away from scary costumes or lawn fixtures that you might encounter while trick-or-treating. If you’re concerned about them being afraid in the dark, you could stay home and have your child help pass out candy!

What are your plans for Halloween with a baby or toddler in tow?

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