Baby Registry Helping Hints

baby-registryIf you’ve got a baby on the way, then creating a baby registry is probably on your to-do list! Thinking through all that you need to choose can sometimes be overwhelming, not to mention the many different stores where you can register. With locations across the United States, along with an online store, USA Baby Franklin is a great place to start your baby registry! Stop in today and we can help you get started and point you in the right direction. In the meantime, here are some helpful hints for registering:

- Register at USA Baby Franklin and also online here. There are some things you’ll want to come into the store to touch and try out, but there are also some things that may be available online but not in stores. Do both and you should have it all covered!

- Register for a variety of items including small and large items. Even if you think something is too expensive, remember that some people may want to go in on group gifts!

- Remember that you don’t have to register for everything all at one time! You can come back and add things later so that it’s less overwhelming.

- Bring someone with you to register, and know that the “perfect” someone may not be your significant other, but may be a friend, experienced mom, or your own mom!

- Think short-term and long-term and register for everything you’ll need from birth to toddlerhood and beyond! Just because you won’t need it immediately doesn’t mean you shouldn’t put it on your registry.

- Include practical items on your registry even if you think that they might not be very fun for people to buy for you – let them make that decision! You’ll get plenty of “fun” things like blankets and outfits from people who choose not to buy off the registry.

- Do your research ahead of time to have some ideas of what kinds of products you want to register for before you come into the store. Read customer reviews and ask your friends for recommendations and make sure you take notes so you remember everything!

Registering can seem overwhelming, but it should be fun! A little preparation and help from us at USA Baby Franklin will surely make it an enjoyable experience for you!

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