Sophie the Giraffe & Friends

sophie the giraffeIf you currently have a baby, have ever had a baby, or have ever seen a baby, there’s a good chance you’re familiar with – or at least have seen – Sophie the Giraffe! (Or Sophie la girafe as she’s known in her home country!) This favorite baby toy has been around since 1961 when it was first made from Hevea tree sap in France using a rotational molding of rubber.

Today, Vulli, Sophie the Giraffe’s parent company located in Rumilly, France, continues to make the toy while tightly guarding its secret manufacturing process that, according to their website, includes more than 14 manual operations. And since Sophie the Giraffe’s inception over 50 years ago, more than 30 million have been sold to kids all over the world, so you know there must be something special about this little giraffe! Here’s what the Vulli website has to say about why babies (and their parents!) love her so much:

- Sophie the Giraffe is made of 100% natural rubber derived from the sap of the Hevea tree and is painted with 100% natural food-safe paint, so she’s safe for little mouths to chew.

- By age 3 months, babies can see Sophie’s high contrasting spots all over her body so she can and will become one of their favorite and most recognizable toys.

- Sophie the Giraffe squeaks so she’ll entertain babies early on and then later will begin to teach them the concept of cause and effect as they learn to squeeze her.

- Sophie’s long neck and legs give babies easy places to grab and provide lots of spots to chew on when they’re teething. She’s great at soothing sore gums!

- At 7 inches tall, she’s the perfect size… big enough to grip but small enough and light enough for baby to carry around easily. Plus her soft rubber body is soft to baby’s touch!

And don’t miss out on Sophie’s friends Margot the turtle and Kiwi the bird!  They’re also made out of 100% natural rubber and provide the same things that make Sophie great in a slightly different size and shape. We’ve got them all at USA Baby, so stop by to grab a few for your baby.

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