Gearing Up for Spring: A Checklist for Busy Moms

Spring diaper bags are here! Spring diaper bags are here!

Spring is finally here and with the warmer weather, you’ll certainly find yourself outside more and more! But you’ll want to be prepared for anything and everything that comes with the new season so take a look at the list below to get yourself in gear for spring!

1) Extra Sets of Clothing – Switch out your cold weather outfits for spring clothes so your kids don’t get stuck wearing a sweatshirt and sweatpants in 85 degree weather! Check the sizes as your kids may have grown quite a bit in the past season, too. And remember to pack shoes and socks – you never know when you’ll end up with wet or missing shoes! Check out all our new spring clothes from Mud Pie, Kissy Kissy and more!

2) Outdoor Gear – Now is a great time to pack a picnic blanket, bug spray, sunscreen, and maybe even some easy outdoor activities like sidewalk chalk, bubbles or a couple of balls. These things especially come in handy if you ever need impromptu activities to entertain your younger kids while waiting on older kids at sports games or practices.

3) Wet Play Gear – Once it gets a little warmer, you’ll want to throw in some extra towels and swimsuits if you have some spare ones. Often you may just head out to a park or play date with friends, only to end up near a fountain or a water hose your kids just can’t avoid!

4) Diapers and Other Necessities – Take stock of what necessities you need in your van or car. For example, we like to pack extra diapers, wipes, plastic bags for dirty clothes and hand sanitizer, but so often we’ll end up taking things out of the car without replacing them, only to end up needing them in an emergency! And how about changing out that diaper bag for a new spring design? Check out all our beautiful spring bags!

5) First Aid Kit – If you have a first aid kit in your car (always a good idea!), make sure it is stocked and ready for any accidents or bug bites. Do you have bandages, antiseptic wash, antibiotic cream and after-bite stocked and ready?

6) Snacks – For your diaper bag, you’ll want to stick in some easy-to-snack-on items for you and your toddler – things like granola bars or applesauce pouches don’t take up much room in your bag but are great to have for when you need them.

How are you preparing for spring?

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