Advantages of GroVia Cloth Diapers

USA Baby & Big Kids Too! in Franklin is proud to carry the GroVia cloth diapers! While they offer an all-in-one cloth diaper too, it’s their hybrid cloth diapers – a waterproof shell that can be used with cloth or disposable liners – that are pioneers in the cloth diaper industry. Today we wanted to look at the advantages of the GroVia hybrid diapers as compared to both disposables and other cloth diapers.


GroVia Cloth Diapers GroVia Diapers

Advantages vs. Disposables:

- You’ll never need to run out to the store at midnight to restock – once you make your initial investment you should rarely need to order more.

- You can lay aside any safety concerns you may have over the make-up of disposables as GroVia cloth diapers are made with breathable organic cotton.

- Some experts estimate that disposable diapers will take 250-500 YEARS to decompose; you can rest easy knowing that you won’t be contributing to landfills.

- GroVia cloth diapers are more cost-effective than disposables; assuming potty training around the age of 2.5, you can expect to spend around $430 for a set of GroVia hybrid diapers as compared to $1425 for generic disposables and $2245 for eco-friendly disposables.

Advantages vs. Other Cloth Diapering Systems:

- Unlike some other cloth diapers that require you buy various sizes of diaper shells, GroVia hybrid diaper shells are adjustable fit for babies from 8 to 30+ pounds.

- With their hybrid system, there’s no need to wash every time you change the liner so you’ll need to purchase fewer shells – a significant cost savings! In addition, GroVia inserts have a waterproof backing that ensures your shells will stay dry.

- GroVia reusable liners (soakers) snap in to the shells to guarantee a shift-free fit. The disposable soakers have a strong adhesive backing to provide the same result.

- GroVia diapers are even affordable as compared to other cloth diapering systems; you can expect to pay around $430 for GroVia as compared to around $670 for gDiapers and $600 for BumGenius Elemental.

- Everything is sold separately so you can just buy what you want and need as compared to other companies where you have to purchase cloth diapers in sets.

- GroVia’s hybrid diapers are the perfect mix between disposables and cloth diapers so that you can use them in daycare settings that might not normally accept cloth diapers or use them while traveling with no access to laundry facilities.

So if the idea of cloth diapering has piqued your interest, you’ll want to stop by USA Baby in Franklin to take a look at GroVia diapers!

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