Baby Shower Ideas

baby shower ideasIf you are or know of a mom-to-be who’s about to welcome a spring or summer baby, you may be scouring the internet looking for baby shower ideas! It’s fun to plan a party with the mom in mind so that you can personalize it to her and what she likes and enjoys. With this in mind, below are some creative and unique baby shower ideas that are sure to be a hit with both the mom-to-be and your guests!

Theme Baby Shower Ideas:

- Center the theme around a hobby or interest of the mom. For example, if she enjoys camping and hiking, create a rustic and outdoorsy shower with things like s’mores on the menu and lanterns on the tables.

- If you know the mom’s favorite children’s book (or can ask!), make the shower theme center around that. For example, if she loves Goodnight Moon, flip through the book to find ideas on what items to include in the décor and on the menu.

Food Baby Shower Ideas:

- If your theme isn’t dictating the menu, find out favorite foods of the mom-to-be and incorporate those into the party. You can even ask her for favorite family recipes and serve those.

- Order a custom cake to reflect the theme or use cupcakes to create a display. Some cake shops and grocery stores can even take a photo and place it on top of the cake for a custom look at a reasonable price.

Activity Baby Shower Ideas:

- Instead of a guest book, have each guest sign a favorite book or ask them to write parenting advice for the mom-to-be.

- Do a craft together that will benefit the mom-to-be such as a wreath for the baby’s door or personalized headbands for a new baby girl.

- If you’ve got a crafty bunch, ask the mom if she needs help making anything for the baby’s room like curtains, canvases or other decorations. 

Gift Baby Shower Ideas:

- First, if she hasn't already, ask the mom-to-be to register at USA Baby for all of her baby needs!

- Go in together with all of the guests to purchase one of her bigger items like bedding, glider, stroller or car seat. Or create a gift basket with several smaller items on her registry.

What are your unique and personalized baby shower ideas? Share your best baby shower ideas with us!

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