Make Your Baby's First Thanksgiving Extra Special

Baby's first Thanksgiving How about an adorable new outfit from USA Baby for your little one's first Thanksgiving?

If this will be your baby’s first Thanksgiving celebration, this is a great time to think through traditions that you want to start and carry on throughout the upcoming years. And even though they may not be big enough yet to sit at the “big table,” you can still include them in making memories! Here are some of our favorite ideas for making your baby’s first Thanksgiving special and memorable:

- Start a “thank you jar” that can be used year after year. Find a glass jar and decorate it as you wish. Cut out small pieces of paper and on one side of the paper, write the year and on the other side, write things for which you are thankful. Though your baby obviously won’t be able to verbalize what they’re thankful for this year, you can write things for them and then throughout the years, continue to add more thankful cards and enjoy looking back at cards from years past.

- Create a handprint tablecloth. Use a plain white tablecloth to make a memory of your child’s handprints through the years. You can use fabric paint painted on to their hands and printed on the table, a permanent marker to trace their hand, or use a disappearing fabric marker to trace their hand and then embroider the outline. Make sure you include the year and their name if you have multiple kids.

- If they’re eating solid food, make sure they enjoy the special meal by making baby-friendly foods. Simply pureeing the adult versions (like a sweet potato casserole with nuts!) might not be safe due to potential allergens, but you can still make baby versions of foods like turkey, roasted sweet potatoes, green beans and carrots.

- Make sure that you get a family photo at Thanksgiving so that you can document the Thanksgiving holiday throughout the years. Include the extended family in the photos and create a Thanksgiving scrapbook. Under each year’s photo have everyone write what they are thankful for; your child will enjoy looking at these each year!

- Take plenty of notes for your baby book about Thanksgiving and all of your baby’s “first holidays” throughout the year. Usually there’s a place in their baby book to document details, but if there isn’t, writing down memories in any kind of journal will work.

Do you have any plans to make your baby’s first Thanksgiving a memorable one?

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