Decorating with ABCs & 123s by Denise Cripps

Reprinted with permission from the USA Baby blog:

It’s August, and even if you don’t have school-aged children yet, there’s still something Pavlovian about the back-to-school season. The stores are full of supplies and memories of our own schooldays come flooding back (although my back-to-school list never included a flash drive like my kids lists do!).

But even if you’re not in the market for school supplies just yet, you can still take advantage of this season for decoration inspiration. And because it’s never too early to introduce readin’, writin’ and ‘rithmetic to your baby, toddler or preschooler, consider accenting your nursery or big-kid’s bedroom with letter and/or number accessories. Or, theme your whole decor around the idea.

To grease the gears of your wheelhouse then, here are a few of my favorite google images for nursery designs using letters and numbers:


T is for the Twelve Timbers Product Line
USA Baby’s favorite source for decorating with numbers and letters is Twelve Timbers. And I have to agree: they offer, hands down, the largest and cutest selection of letters in “Funky”, “Rustic”, Glitter”, and “XXL”; ABC Rustic Blocks and ABC Glitter Blocks; Alphabet Banners; chalkboards for declaring a letter- or number-of-the-day; clip boards for creatively displaying your letters and numbers; and darling clocks which help teach numbers in no time. (Err… would it be more accurate to say, “with time”?….)
Below are pictures of the Twelve Timbers products mentioned above:
If “modern” is more your style, consider picking up a clock at any number of other locations that features a more contemporary look with bold black numbers on a white background:
D is for Do-It-Yourself Stencil Kits
A great DIY method for adding letters to your nursery or big kid’s room is Twelve Timbers Wall Writing Kit. Available in uppercase and lowercase — in more than 50 fonts and 30 colors — use the applicator tool to decorate your nursery walls in the design of your choice. Many other stencil kits for adding numbers to your decor can be purchased at craft stores, but the sky’s the limit for where and how you can apply wall stencils. A few starter ideas include the following:

C is for Crafty….
Folks who are handy with a sewing machine can find cute fabrics featuring numbers and letters to create things like pillows or quilts that complement any decor:

V is For Vintage
Vintage is a huge trend in children’s bedroom design today. Look online or in little local antique stores for genuine or reproduction letter cards like these below, or fun vintage-inspired accessories, like this adorable lamp shade:

L is for Letter & Number Displays as Simple or Elaborate as you Like
To demonstrate a few more ideas for how you can work letters and numbers into virtually any personal style expression, from modern contemporary to sophisticated elegance, here are a few more inspirational images for your consideration:

B is for Beyond the Bedroom
Use your imagination to dream up other great places around the house where you can incorporate numbers. I just love these ideas for the staircase and the hooks in the bathroom. Apply the same idea to numbering anything else in any other area of your home, from the lockers in your mudroom to the cupboards in your kitchen or pantry.

Ultimately, Its All About Books
Remember, in the end, teaching your little one about letters and numbers early is going to grow their interest and love of books, so make copious numbers of books easily accessible.
Twelve Timbers makes perfect shelves (shown in white and blue below) to hold books in any number of arrangements on either walls or furniture.

Gender-Neutral Decorating at its Most Clever
Decorating with letters, numbers and books couldn’t be a better choice for both boys and girls. With USA Baby Nashville carrying Twelve Timbers, stop in to see and feel the sizes, textures and overall quality of these darling decorating accessories.

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