” …Who’s the Fairest of Them All?” by Denise Cripps

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Snow White’s evil step-mother may have needed to ask her mirror this question, but you certainly don’t. Hands-down, the fairest of them all is your baby – no matter how big and grown-up that baby becomes. But if you provide a mirror for you and your infant to gaze into together – from the very earliest months – you’ll be enchanted by the magic that will happen right before your very eyes.

“Whoooo’s the Baby in the Mir-ror?”
A popular place to create a diaper changing station is atop a combo dresser – also called a drawer changer, changing chest, or dressing station. This is also the perfect place to hang a mirror, because by two months old your baby will begin to delight in looking at her reflection from a distance of about 8 inches. She won’t even realize she’s looking at herself, but she’ll be amazed at the immediate response she gets from the baby looking back at her. Additionally, focusing her eyes on the mirror will enhance her visual development, help her begin to recognize facial expressions, and develop her emotional repertoire. Securely support your baby in an upright position in front of the mirror and point out her features to her – interacting with both her and her reflection. Point out your own facial features as well, and show her all the silly things your face can do. (Examples of combo dressers shown below from left to right and top to bottom include USA Baby’s Ashbury Combo Dresser, Emily 3-Drawer Changer, 2000 Series Double Dresser, Cape Cod Changing Chest, and the 7000 Series Dressing Station.)

Gorgeous Ideas for How to Combine Mirrors with Your Changing Table
When your child is still using a changing table, the time you spend bonding and interacting in front of the mirror will be some of your most cherished memories. Beautiful effects can be created in the room with your favorite style mirror by applying wall stencils to either highlight its frame or using the mirror to reflect the room’s most beautiful features, as seen in these examples of mirror and furniture sets below.

“Whoooo’s the Big Boy in the Mir-ror?”
“Oh! It’s ME!” At about 18 months old, your toddler’s brain makes a giant cognitive leap and he begins to recognize the face looking back at him. Intense scrutiny of himself in the mirror will suddenly become a high-priority activity. In fact, in a cleverly designed experiment, researchers put a dot of bright red makeup on the noses of a group of 14-month-old children and placed them in front of a mirror. At this age, they didn’t even acknowledge the oddity because they simply didn’t know that the person in the mirror was them. However, performing the same experiment with 18-month-olds, most toddlers realized the makeup didn’t belong there, appeared either embarrassed or perplexed, and touched the spot on their own nose to try to rub it off or investigate it further.

Mirrors for Little Ones Who are Out of the Crib and On the Move
When your toddler or preschooler has graduated to a big-kid bed, providing a mirror low enough or adjustable enough that they can still easily see themselves remains very important. Remember, they only just achieved self-recognition at 18 months old! A few options include a longer-style, wall-hung mirror; a stand-alone, full-length mirror (available in more than 15 colors); or a dresser-top mirror that tilts to any viewing angle (also available in more than 15 different colors and finishes). And again, all the furniture and mirrors pictured below are available at your local USA Baby.No Poison Apple Required to Get Restful Sleep in These Bedrooms
As shocking as this may sound, as kids grow into their tween and teen years, they’ll spend even more time in front of the mirror. Add elegance, a touch of sophistication, or a look of maturity to their almost-all-grown-up bedrooms with a mirror that’s as attractive as it is important to them. Mirrors pictured below from top to bottom and left to right include:Isabella Vertical Mirror (available in more than 15 colors), Basecamp Square Shadow Box MirrorMa Marie Landscape Mirror (also available in more than 15 colors), and All Seasons Arch Top Vertical Mirror (available in more than 40 colors!).

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